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Property Damage Compensation Lawyers Cairns

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Property Damage Compensation Lawyers Cairns

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If you have suffered property loss or damage as a result of:

  • An accident on the road;
  • A fire;
  • Construction work; or
  • Any other cause,

you may be entitled to compensation from the person (or generally their relevant insurer) who caused or contributed to the property damage.  There are strict time limitations associated with bringing a claim for compensation for loss of or damage to your property.  If you have suffered a loss or damage to your property under any circumstances, please call our compensation lawyers for a no-obligation initial claim assessment to determine whether or not you are entitled to compensation from a third party or their insurer.

If you have suffered damage to your car, house, boat, or any other item of property and have an insurance policy insuring you against damage to these items of property, you most likely entitled to compensation irrespective of whether or not a third party was at fault for the damage to the property.  We would be more than happy to advise you as to whether you have a claim for compensation against an insurance policy (or an insurance policy of a third party) should you have suffered any damage to any item of your property. 

Please call one of our lawyers in Cairns for a free initial claim assessment to determine whether you have any insurance compensation claim.

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