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Cairns Compensation Lawyers is a practice group of Preston Law.

Our lawyers work on a no win no fee basis for most compensation claims.

Our focus is always on you. Your best interests are central to any advice we provide.

Our no win no fee lawyers in Cairns will take the time to understand your situation and needs. When you work with us, you will receive expert legal advice. We will also find the best strategy to help you get the most compensation quickly while avoiding court. Avoiding court can save you thousands in unnecessary legal fees.

Cairns Compensation Lawyers guarantees that your injury claim will be handled by 1 senior lawyer and 1 senior associate for the life of your claim. Our lawyers can help if you have:

  • sustained a physical or psychological injury at work;
  • sustained an injury from a car accident, including whiplash; or
  • sustained an injury in a public place as a result of somebody’s negligence.

How We Work

No-Win No-Fee, No Hidden Costs

  • Cairns Compensation Lawyers guarantees that all claims are run on a no-win no-fee basis
  • We pay any costs you may incur on a claim and there are no hidden extras in our services
  • The only time you will have to pay us is after you receive your compensation

If you don’t win, you don’t pay.
It’s as simple as that.


What Our Clients Say

Tim and Meegan are excellent and highly knowledgeable practitioners. I always felt fully informed, up to date and given realistic expectations of what to expect. Meegan’s communication with me was exceptional. She always met the timelines for actions or let me know why things may have changed if timeframes were pushed out. She explained the process and any complexity in the situation simply and effectively. Tim is clearly a very skilled negotiator. I was very happy with the outcome. It was better than estimated or anticipated. There is nothing I could have asked for them to do differently. Their customer service and execution of their work has been excellent. I could not recommend Meegan and Tim highly enough. They made something that could have been very stressful into something quite easy to navigate.

- Emma Mauro

From the very first interaction I had with Tim, I felt both fully at ease with having contacted Preston Law and that I had finally found a firm that would do the hard yards on my behalf. His no nonsense approach and professionalism were evident from our first conversation and subsequently the same excellent standards continued to be the order of business as I was further assisted by Meegan. I never thought I could ever feel completely at ease in dealing with a Law firm on any matter, I am delighted to say that Tim and his team at Preston Law have convinced me otherwise and really do raise the bar in every interaction I have with Preston Law. I cannot recommend this firm highly enough.

- Patrick Farelly

I have had the privilege of having Tim and Meegan in my recent claim. It was quickly evident that both are very experienced, knowledgeable, respectful and honest. During the process Tim spent time with me to walk me through the process and ensure I understand all terms and figures. I would highly recommend them to anyone who have suffered injury and not sure what to do next. Thank you very much for your support and fabulous service.

- Natasha F

It was pretty stress free for the most part, particularly for someone who works away and hasn’t done this sort of thing before. Tim and Meegan made the process go smoothly and having all the little things taken care of was a big help. They were always very clear about what I needed to do. Very happy with the outcome.

- Josh H

Working with Preston Law was great. I’m down south so most of our contact was over the phone, but Meegan always kept me in the loop. The mediation was good – I felt really supported by Tim throughout the whole process.

- Sandy K

I can highly recommend Tim and Meegan for handling a car accident compensation claim. They are locally owned and operated and I felt they put my interest and wellbeing first at all times. I was kept informed of progress with the claim pending my injuries stabilising. I was happy with the settlement amount and they went the “extra mile” for me. Thanks Tim and Meegan.

- Jasmin K.

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