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What is a WorkCover Claim?

All the successful companies in the world have one thing in common, they value their employees. Employee performance and their level of engagement at work, directly impacts a company’s productivity and success rate.

Employees in some work industries are more likely to experience an accident or injury at work.WorkCover is a kind of an insurance scheme designed to provide protection for injured workers.In Queensland, the insurer is called WorkCover Queensland and most employers in Queensland are members.Employees injured at work are able to claim medical expenses and other compensations through WorkCover.

When you are injured and unable to work, most people immediately start worrying about their family and how they will support them if they cannot work.

WorkCover claim eligibility

The primary criteria for making a WorkCover Claim is that the accident or injury you suffered either occurred at work or was in some way connected with your work. An experienced compensation lawyer will be able to advise you on whether you are eligible to make a claim for compensation through WorkCover.

I don’t want to claim and lose my job

Many employees are uncomfortable at the thought of making a workcover claim.They worry that their employer will make their life hard or that they may even lose their job if the make a claim, but under the law, injured employees have rights and protections. 

They may also think of a compensation claim as a complicated or unpleasant task.Engaging an experienced compensation lawyer can take the stress out of the process. 

What sort of compensation can I claim?

Once your workcover claim has been approved, there are some basic benefits that most injured employee receive. These compensations may include:

  • Medical Expenses: Any hospital medical expenses, doctors’ bills, medications, and other expenses related to your injury are usually covered. 
  • Income: Injured workers may receive weekly benefits for not being able to work.

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