What Are The Most Common Causes of Crashes on the Roads?

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Unfortunately, in our modern world,  motor vehicle accidents are a fact of life and a common occurrence that can happen to anybody who is a regular driver or passenger. But we can minimise this risk and protect ourselves in a number of ways, first of all by understanding some of the main reasons that road accidents happen in the first place.


It may seem hard to believe that small, common distractions can be harmful, but in fact being behind the wheel of a car and not paying full attention can be just as dangerous as drink driving or speeding. Things happen so quickly on the road and letting your complete attention slip even for a few seconds can have disastrous repercussions.

Here are some everyday distractions that we need to be aware of:

  • Mobile phone usage
  • Eating while driving
  • Looking at things on the road or outside
  • Putting on makeup
  • Talking to other passengers, especially children in the back seat

We are all probably guilty of one or some of these driving distractions, but it’s not too late to recognise these behaviours and work on developing better driving habits.

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There is no denying that driving too fast is one of the leading causes of road accidents in Queensland. Speeding always puts you and others at high risk of a crash, but it also increases your chances of receiving a hefty fine and/ or licence suspension. A surprisingly large number of drivers still choose to ignore the speed limits despite these facts.

No matter how skilled you are at driving on the road, the faster a vehicle is travelling, the less time you have to react. Even going 10 kilometres/hour faster than the legal limit can lead to more risk of ending up seriously injured, with large driving fines or charges and expensive car damage or write off.

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Drinking and Driving

We all know that drinking large quantities of alcohol severely impairs our ability to drive safely, but even small amounts can have a marked impact on our body and its reflexes. It is no secret that drinking and driving can put you and others at serious risk of harm as well as the obvious legal repercussions.

Having a few drinks to unwind at the weekend can be fun, but if you need to travel, always make sure that you have a driver who hasn’t been drinking or an alternative means of transport.

Driving Recklessly

Careless or Reckless driving refers to a number of dangerous behaviours on the road, most commonly:

  • Running through stop signs
  • Hooning
  • Driving faster than the speed limit
  • Running through red lights

You could be charged with Reckless driving if you are caught failing to pay due attention to the road rules and your surroundings. By law, this can carry a very heavy fine or even prison sentence, depending on the circumstances and your past behaviour.

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Mechanical Issues

It is the responsibility of all vehicle owners to ensure that it is in full working order and road worthy. If the vehicle is not regularly serviced, mechanical issues can arise and go undetected. These can include worn tires, cracked windscreens, broken lights and faulty brakes and more.

These mechanical issues can be the cause of serious accidents and you may also be breaking the law, so make sure to get anything of concern checked out by a mechanic, even if it doesn’t seem dangerous.

There are only some of the factors that commonly cause road accidents, there are many more to consider and avoid where possible – driving while tired, lousy weather, driving too close, not knowing the road rules – to name a few more.

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