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The term ‘No Win, No Fee’ is often used by law firms, but what does it actually mean?

No Win, No Fee means exactly that – if you don’t win your case, you will not be for charged legal fees. However, there are some rules that apply.

Does No Win, No Fee apply to every legal matter?

We can’t automatically enter into a No Win, No Fee arrangement with every client. As lawyers, we have an obligation to seek the best possible outcome for our clients, and this does not always mean going to court.

At your initial consultation, we will ask you to provide us with the relevant information about your case to help us ascertain how to go about managing your matter and determine what the prospects are of your case being successful. If we are unable to enter into a No Win, No Fee arrangement with you, this does not mean we are unable to assist you.

Does ‘No Fee’ include all my costs?

Legal matters often incur costs other than the fees our lawyers charge. These are known as ‘disbursements’ and can include anything from court and filing fees to the cost of expert witnesses, medical professionals and private investigators. Disbursements are separate to legal fees, but in most cases these are still be covered by the ‘No Fee’ guarantee meaning you will not need to pay them until the matter settles. Our lawyers will always outline these disbursements for you, provide you with a cost estimate and seek your permission before incurring disbursements on your behalf so that you don’t find yourself with any nasty surprises.

In most cases, if you are unsuccessful in your case, you may also need to pay the other side’s legal costs. These are separate to disbursements and your lawyer will also explain to you if there is a likelihood of this happening.

I’ve been successful in my case. What happens now?

The way we work is that our No Win, No Fee arrangement allows us to recoup our legal fees according to a court scale of fees (which is sometimes also referred to as a success fee or loading fee).

Am I guaranteed to win my case if I enter into a No Win, No Fee arrangement?

The short answer is no, and the reason for this is that a reputable lawyer would never make a guarantee that someone would be successful in the case. What a good lawyer will do, however, is guide their client to make the best possible decisions around their legal matter so that they are satisfied with the outcome.

To find out if you qualify for No Win, No Fee legal representation, get in touch with Cairns Compensation Lawyers today.