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work injury

The workplace is always so busy; it is easy to get carried away with the operations of the company while setting aside some minor safety measures in the workplace. As minor as they seem, the failure to implement safety measures can lead to injury in the workplace. This situation is not only particular to the workplace, but injuries can also be sustained at the mall, in office buildings, on private company properties, etc.

Determining the compensation for injuries

You may need professional assistance to determine the extent to which you can demand compensation. People who choose to represent themselves in view of saving costs may end up losing more by dealing with more experienced negotiators from the other team. For the best results, the services of an experienced compensation lawyer will help you get the best outcome.
In Queensland, two main factors will be used to determine whether the injured person is entitled to receive a lump sum payment as compensation. The two assessments are basically done to ascertain the nature of the injury and the losses suffered due to the injury and overall experience. The outcome of these two assessments will provide enough information that can be used to determine if you are eligible to receive a lump sum compensation payment in Cairns.

Determining the nature of the injury

You will be assessed to determine the nature of your injury and if there is a permanent impairment as a result of the injury. A permanent impairment is a situation where one or multiple parts of your body have been damaged beyond the capacity of any treatment to restore normal functions in those body parts.

Calculating your compensation

When it has been determined that you have suffered a permanent impairment, the next step will be to calculate an adequate compensation that can cover your losses. Your lawyer can guide you to request a medical evaluation that will ascertain the long-term losses and financial implication of your condition regarding on-going medical support. The proposed payment will represent your lump sum compensation for personal injury in the workplace that has led to permanent impairment.

What happens if you are not satisfied with the compensation?

Your case will be handed over to the Medical Assessment Tribunal attached to the worker’s compensator regulator for further assessment. In many cases, the final outcome at this stage will be binding on both parties. You may also be permitted to request a ‘return to work’ support if your permanent impairment allows you to handle specific jobs.  Overall, you need the best representation to offer you professional guidance through these processes. You can engage our professional help and support to get the compensation that adequately covers your losses.

If you have injury through work or elsewhere and you would like to discuss if you are entitled to some form of compensation, please get in contact with Cairns Compensation Lawyers. We service Cairns as well as regional north Queensland.