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With the increasing number and variety of vehicles on the road in Queensland, it’s no wonder the risk of having an accident has increased over the years!If you have been injured in a bicycle accident on the road, you may very well have suffered very serious injuries.These injuries can lead to a number of expenses and loss of potential income if you are unable to work. This is a stressful and difficult time for all involved and so it is important to get in contact with a Compensation Law Firm help so that you can understand your legal rights.

Bicycle accidents on the road

When a car and bicycle collide on the road, chances are the cyclist will have sustained significant injuries. Sadly, the risk of head injury or permanent injury is high in this kind of road accident.As a cyclist, you have very little protection apart from your helmet.Hospitalisation, rehabilitation and time off work are all likely outcomes from a bicycle road accident.

Am I entitled to compensation for my injury?

If you have been involved in an accident on the road, it is likely that you are entitled to compensation!You are entitled to compensation irrespective of whether you were driving a vehicle, a passenger in a vehicle, a pedestrian or a cyclist!To find out if you entitled to make a claim, contact Cairns Compensation Lawyers to find out!

Can I make a claim later on when I have more time?

While you don’t have to make a claim for compensation straight away, it is best to talk to a Personal Injury Lawyer as they will know what timeframes apply in your case.In Queensland, there are strict time limits in place for making claims for compensation for injuries suffered as a consequence of a road accident.Another reason why it is best to make a claim soon after the accident is that all of the information about the accident is ‘fresh’ in everyone’s minds.Your memory and the memory of witnesses to the accident will usually be better closer to the time of the accident.

Aren’t Lawyers really expensive?

Cairns Compensation Lawyers handles all road accident injury compensation on a no win, no fee basis which means that you won’t pay anything unless you win!If you don’t receive any compensation, we won’t get paid for our work.That’s how confident we are in our skills.If you have decided to claim compensation for your injuries, contact Cairns Compensation Lawyers for legal advice. 

If you have sustained an injury while on your bicycle on the road in Queensland, contact Cairns Compensation Lawyers for advice.We are a Law Firm based in Cairns with years of experience in road accident compensation claims!

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