Common Workplace Injuries

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Workplace injuries can happen on any worksite, not just those where heavy machinery or dangerous chemicals are found. Don’t believe us? Here are the ten most common workplace injuries and where they might occur:

Slipping/tripping and falling

Slipping and tripping are very common in all working environments due to spillages not being cleaned up or people leaving their bags or other items laying around. Falls due to slipping or tripping can be extremely serious, particularly if the worksite contains hazardous objects, sharp corners or glass panelling that could injure the person as they fall.

Repetitive Strain injuries (RSI)

Also referred to as Repetitive Use Injuries or Overuse Injuries, these injuries are caused by any repeated action and are responsible for conditions such as tendinosis and carpel tunnel. RSI is usually suffered by people working in jobs that require them to make the same action or pattern repeatedly (such as hairdressers or mail workers), however, it is also commonly found in clerical workers and manual labourers.

Contact with hazardous objects

A poorly run working environment is one that does not have someone monitoring its pathways. Injuries sustained by people walking into badly-placed objects such as furniture, signs and machinery is more common that you would think! Not only does an injury from walking into something bruise the ego, it can also cause problems that could see a worker on sick leave for days or weeks.

Injury to the back and neck

Back and neck strains are so common because they can affect even the most sedentary worker. While the danger of a back or neck injury is greater in a labourer, office workers need to ensure that their workspace set up is correct to avoid unnecessarily harming themselves.

Being struck by falling objects

No workplace is immune to accidents and being struck by a falling object is a common one. Whether it is a box that was carelessly placed on a high shelf or rogue debris on a construction site, falling objects can be hard to see and incredibly dangerous if they hit someone, particularly if they land on the person’s head.

Exposure to loud noises

Industrial deafness can be very serious. If you are exposed to loud noises all day, such as power tools or machinery, then you can suffer lasting effects by developing partial hearing loss or even deafness.


Anything with a sharp edge can cause a laceration, which means any type of worker in any working environment could be victim to this type of injury. Even if an employee is not handling sharp knives or tools, they could still cut themselves on a broken piece of office furniture.

Machinery or car crashes

If you work in an environment where machinery or vehicles are driven around, then there is a chance you may be involved in a crash. You should always take the same precautions when operating machinery or vehicles on a worksite as you would driving your car on the road.

While some of the above may seem very scary, they can be avoided. Your employer should be able to provide you with the right information to ensure that you stay out of harm’s way and have a safe time in the office each day.